Step-by-step creation of a polygonal 3D model, showcasing the intricate process of digital sculpting and refinement.
Relax in style with the 3D rendering of a modern lounge setting, a virtual oasis of sophistication.

3D Modeling

What We Do

We are experts in 3D modeling of furniture. Our team excels in converting real objects into virtual models, accurately capturing every detail. We specialize in creating 3D models for existing products and projects or prototypes that only have technical drawings.

Our 3D Modeling Process

We create detailed 3D models suitable for various purposes, including photorealistic renders, online product catalogs, and virtual reality.

Who We Serve

We offer 3D modeling and rendering services for:

  • Furniture Manufacturers: Companies looking to showcase their products in the most appealing and realistic settings for their catalogs.
  • Marketing Agencies: Agencies that handle marketing for furniture companies, needing high-quality, photorealistic images for advertising campaigns and client presentations.

Our Process

  1. Analysis and Modeling
    As architects and designers, we understand exactly how things are made in reality and know precisely how to model them in 3D. We accurately read technical drawings, understand material properties, and evaluate how components combine and assemble. We stay at the forefront of technology, using the best software and the latest 3D scanners to ensure our models are as precise and detailed as possible. Whenever possible, we take precise measurements and a series of photographs to capture hidden details of the product. We always request the production technical drawings to support our work. Using specialized software for polygonal modeling and sculpting, we create models in their real dimensions, drawing individual components in 3D and assembling them into the finished model.
  2. UVW Mapping
    We then define the orientation of textures on the model. This UVW mapping process uniquely determines the placement of fabrics, metal finishes, and wood grains.
  3. Texturing
    The final step involves creating HD photographic textures. We meticulously recreate fabrics, leathers, woods, cements, metals, eco-mortars, and composite materials from photographic references, color palettes, or samples. Our technical approach to texture creation varies depending on the available material and the intended purpose. The entire process of 3D modeling, UVW mapping, and texturing is reviewed by the client through a platform that allows them to evaluate the model in 360° and measure its geometry and individual components.

Why It Matters

High-quality models, faithful to the original product and meeting precise technical standards, are essential for creating photorealistic renders and video animations.

With realistic 3D models, you can promote a product or project not yet realized, showcasing various configurations and color variations. Our models can be optimized for direct download from the manufacturer’s website in popular formats, uploaded to online design and architecture platforms, or viewed in virtual reality.